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The Flow Guide - Learn Flow Posing

The Flow Guide - Learn Flow Posing

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The SECRET to learning how to pose without getting stuck. I’ve been photographing women since 2013 and I’ve been a boudoir photographer for 7 years. I have never taken a boudoir posing workshop - I have acquired my posing techniques and the way I pose through constant practice over the years.

What I teach you, is my own.

In the last ten years I’ve photographed hundreds of women with different body types, that’s why in this flow guide you will see diversity in bodies to show that you can pose all bodies the same. There is no specific pose for a certain body type. This guide will show you several posing flows, it will explain how you get from one pose to the next to create your own flows and ultimately create your own posing signature style. Additionally I have added 30 key poses to gain inspiration from. Once you know how to flow pose - you can start flow posing from any pose. You can download this guide on your phone and take with you to your next session.

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This guide contains a Posing Flow Guide with Tips & Tricks + 30 Poses with direction + Five REAL posing flows from my sessions. You will get insight in to my sessions and how I flow pose. Through repetition of flow posing you will soon find your own signature style.

Customer Reviews

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Kendra T
Best purchase

Beautiful workflows and photos. It shows how to guide your client from one pose to another with ease. This is more than just a posing guide. Worth the investment! Thank you!

Rebecka H.
A must buy!

This is a must buy. I've never bought a posing guide like this. Jasmin really goes in depth about how to get from one pose to the next. And with images she took during a real session. This was so helpful. I get stuck a lot during posing and this guide helped me to get to the next pose! I can't wait for her workshop!

Amber Tolbert
So super helpful

I have purchased posing 'cards' and posing guides before - and they are typically a collection of photographs showing a flow of posing. But THIS... this is amazing because she guides you through each pose, the direction, how to mix it up, and it's amazing. My brain retains this 1000 times more than just photos - and lord knows i have a zillion saved photos on my phone for 'reference' - and they never come into my workflow. Jasmin's guide is fabulous - and I've already implemented the directing with clients, and I felt confident doing it! Also the posing is classic, sophisticated, and really adds to my client experience and their gallery.

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