I'm thrilled to guide you on this transformative journey into the art of boudoir photography.

"Refine your skills, and empower yourself to capture beauty in its most intimate form."

She Is Fire

Watching Jasmin show how she would pose clients gave my visual-learning brain a chance to grasp the entire posing process. I learned how to incorporate movement into my sessions, and that also has helped me capture emotion. if you have the opportunity to attend one of Jasmin's workshops, do it!


Email List Building

I'm so Grateful to Jasmin for helping me push through my comfort zone when it comes to email list-building! I had been avoiding it for longer than I want to admit but she really walked me through the basics in an easy to digest way, with amazing ideas of what to write about:)

She also helped me with SEO ideas and strategies as well as a solid plan to "put myself out there", attracting more engagement and followers to my social media.

Thank you so much, Jasmin, for such a solid foundation to work with!!

Luscious Soul Photography

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